The CDC added Covid-19 vaccine to the list of vaccinations required for green card applicants. Starting October 1, Covid-19 vaccine is required for Lawful Permanent Resident (green card) applicants from all countries. The CDC reminded that the vaccine schedules cannot be shortened, and the civil surgeon must see the proof of fully vaccination. So, green card applicants should arrange getting vaccinated as early at convenient as possible.
According to the CDC, WHO determined the Covid-19 pandemic to be a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). Covid-19 meets the definition of “quarantinable communicable disease” and “severe acute respiratory syndromes”, therefore it is a Class A Inadmissible Condition under the US immigration law. A negative Covid testing result at the time of the medical evaluation cannot guarantee the safety of US communities. A waiver based on religious or moral convictions is available and handled by USCIS.
The CDC detailed the review of vaccination records. Acceptable vaccination documentation is required. Civil surgeons check the vaccine record in person and judge the validity. The vaccine record must include the dates of receipt, and manufacturer and lot number if available. Documentation of each dose should be included in filing Form I-693. The vaccine is required regardless of evidence of immunity or prior Covid-19 infection.
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美国疾病控制与预防中心(CDC) 将新冠疫苗加入了申请绿卡需要接种的疫苗列表。从10月1日起,来自所有国家的绿卡申请者将需要接种新冠疫苗并获得证明文件。CDC提示大家,新冠疫苗系列接种需要时间且无法缩短,体检医生必须检查接种疫苗的证明文件来出具体检报告。所以,绿卡申请人要尽快安排疫苗接种。
根据CDC的公告,世界卫生组织WHO已将新冠疫情确定为“引起国际关注的突发公共卫生时间(PHEIC)”. 新冠也符合移民法中的”应受检疫的传染病”和”严重急性呼吸综合征”的定义,因此符合A类不予受理条件(Class A Inadmissible Condition). 申请人接受体检时新冠阴性测试结果并不能保证美国社会的安全,因此接种疫苗是必须的。申请人可以向移民局USCIS申请基于宗教或道德理由的豁免,移民局将审理并作出决定。