On July 26, 2021, the Department of State and Department of Education announced a joint statement to support international education on the EducationUSA Forum. The last similar statement was issued by Bill Clinton in 2000, which is over 20 years ago. (PIE News, NetEase News, and SOHU News). The statement mentioned the importance of having the relationship with international students, researchers, scholars and educators, as well as the benefits of global academic engagement to the US. It recognized the contribution of international education financially and socially and pointed out the risk of losing these students to other countries.
The two departments committed to support a renewed focus on international education by listing ten principles, for examples, welcome international students, researchers, scholars, and educators, and encourage diversity; encourage US students, researchers, scholars, and educators to pursue overseas study, internships, research, and other international experiences; recognize the significant contributions by international students, researchers, scholars, and educators; and cooperate with federal government, private sectors and educational institutions, protect intellectual property and research endeavors.
It is very exciting to notice that the statement committed to “implement policies, procedures, and protocols as to facilitate international education and authorized practical experiences”. It also mentioned that international students, researchers, scholars, especially STEM, gain “practical experience in the US after graduation”, while other countries are now “aggressively competing with the US to host those students”. Although this statement does not include any specific policies or plans, it shows an urgent will to support the international education of the current administration. Let’s look forward to the following actions regarding the “policies, procedures, and protocols as to facilitate international education and authorized practical experiences”.
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好消息!美国发声明鼓励留学生赴美 计划留学美国的同学们利好
在2021年7月26日的美国教育论坛上,美国国务院和教育部联合发布声明,承诺将采取措施推动国际留学生及学者来美。据PIE News,网易新闻,搜狐新闻的报道,上一份类似的声明还是2000年由克林顿总统提出的,距今已有二十多年之久。这份声明承认了国际学生学者的重要性及参与全球学术的好处,认可了国际教育对于美国经济及社会的贡献,并指出了人才流失的危险。
令人兴奋的是,这份声明承诺将“制定政策和程序,促进国际学生的学习和工作实践(authorized practical experiences)”。报告还提到国际学生、研究人员、学者,尤其是STEM专业,毕业后会在美国获得实践经验,而其他国家正在积极地与美国竞争这些学生。虽然这份声明并没有具体的政策和计划,但表明了这届政府对于支持国际教育,保留人才的迫切意愿。很多媒体都预测,赴美留学的下一个黄金时代即将到来。