Our firm serves a diverse client base with matters regarding Personal and Workplace Injuries, Immigration, and Business Representation. A few words about the Law Office of Hong-min Jun from those who know his work.


Attorney Jun does a good job in his work. He is very experienced and diligent in his practice. He and his team always respond timely to clients’ emails and calls. And his fees are reasonable. His office offers Chinese and Korean services as well, which is very helpful for non-English speakers. I recommend this law office if you are seeking immigration law or family law services.

Chen C.


Law office of Hongmin Jun helped us on our Immigration interview, he was brilliant and on point, professional. If you have any concern passing your Immigration interview you need to contact Mr. Hongmin he will fight for you to get your Naturalization promptly.

Khalid S.


We applied for i-485 through marriage during college before COVID-19 and he stayed in contact and helped us when the pandemic hit and while the US got stricter on immigration. We had no idea how to balance work, school, and file for immigration. Thank you for representing us and taking a huge burden off of us!

Nicholas F.


Attorney Jun provides very valuable legal advises for international students during the workshop session. He is experienced in immigration area and he cares about us!

A. N.


My husband and went to visit attorney Hong min Jun for more information about immigration and let me tell everyone who is looking for an attorney, he very nice, answers all your questions, and most important HONEST and LOYAL.

J. C.


We learned about The Hongmin firm through our office and they were wonderful. Not only did they help us find the best solution but they were quick, efficient, and responsiveness in helping us to achieve the results. Thank you all at The Hongmin !

Christiano L.


Attorney Jun is an excellent attorney who helped me tremendously with my case and kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Drew M.


Attorney Jun is an immigration expert, he used his wealth of experience to breakdown my issue without a consultation or any other form charges, his team is ready and willing to help.

H. G.